RV waterheater service

The waterheater on your RV should be drained and flushed @least every six months if your staying in your RV “fulltime”,+annually if your a “weekend warrior”. PMR recommends that you store the water heater on  Your RV dry,in other words drain it before you store it…this will prevent alot of problems,#1 being smell,have you ever stored your rv and then wonder why the water smells like rotten eggs…spoiled water in the water heater usually causes that,#2 it will extend the life of your heating element if you have one,+ will also extend the life of your anode rod if you have a suburban water heater,+#3 will extend  the service life of the tank on your RV water heater no matter what brand you have…..

RV water heater replacement

RV water heater replacement

If you end up needing service on your RV water heater in las vegas,nevada…give  precision maintenance+repair a call monday – friday  7:30-3:30 and saturdays 8:00-12:00 feel free to email us 24/7 @rvrepairlv@gmail.com

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