Rv Towing Tip

Trailer Loading:

Proper loading helps prevent sway.Always put heavy items on the floor in front of the axle,always balance the load side to side,and secure it from shifting.Tongue weight should be 10-15% of the gross weight for most trailers.If your tongue weight is to light this could cause sway.Never load your trailer rear heavy.


The additional weight of a trailer affects the handleing,acceleration,and braking of the tow vehicle.Always allow extra time when passing,stopping,and changing lanes.Always  drive slowly on gravel,icy or wet roads.Severe bumps can damage hitch equipment,after driving off road always inspect your trailer and hitch equipment.Repair any damage before continuing on your trip.

Excessive sway:

Excessive sway can lead to loss of control.Sway should settle quickly.Sway tends to increase when going down hills.When testing for sway,start out slowly and increase speed gradually if sway occurs redistribute your load as needed.You may have to repeat this a few times.

Sudden Sway:

Sway can occur from tire blowout,a passing vehicle,wind gusts,downgrades,and trailer loads shifting.Drive must be alert and aware of what is going on around them and must correct any problems accordingly.Below are some do’s and dont’s.


Gradually reduce your speed.

Keep the streering wheel as steady as possible.

If your trailer has electric brakes apply only the trailer brakes,dont use the brakes on the tow vehicle.


Hit the brake pedal hard in the tow vehicle unless absolutely necessary.A jacknife could occur and you wont like that.

Try to steer out of a sway situation,sudden movement could make the sway worse.Not good.

Speed up,acceleration makes sway worse.And you dont want that.

Continue towing a trailer that tends to sway,if you cant correct the sway,you may have other problems,have your trailer running gear inspected and serviced as needed.you got lucky once.

Hope this info helps you out,have a great day and keep on camping!!!!!

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