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With winter right around the corner its time to start thinking about prepping your RV for that first cold snap,first thing you want to check is your battery,cold weather brings out the worst in batterys,and this is when your gonna depend on it to keep everything rolling smooth,second things your propane system do a little load test on your system,run your water heater,range,refer,+furnace…(always make sure the exterior vent for the furnace is clear before lighting it!) all at the same time and make sure the burners on the range stay the way they were when you first lit them,third thing your gonna want to do is walk around the rv and check for any openings that animals can crawl up  through,they’re looking for a warm place for the winter too:) and the final things gonna be the roof,make sure your seams are sealed good and tight,ac is tight,and all your roof vents are in good shape…..and then of coarse drain all the water out + winterize the water system if your gonna store your RV or at least blow it out with compressed air if your gonna use it….hope this helps,if not our numbers below give us a call we will help you out……



For mobile RV repair in las vegas call 702994799 we got the experience,over 23 years to be exact,and usually can get to you within 24 hours.we repair RV appliances,RV awnings,trailer axles and bearings,RV refrigerators,+more…all at your location!

OUR HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30am-3:30pm SAT 8:00am-12:00pm

email us 24/7 @ rvrepairlv@gmail.com

mobile rv awning service

mobile rv awning service

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