rv holding tank maintenance tips

the most important rule when your using your rv holding tanks is to never leave the black tank valve open( the 3″ valve)when your connected to the sewer at your campsite.if you leave this valve open all the liquid will run out and leave the solids behind causing a clog.water is a very important part of your black waste tank.the grey tank valve is ok to leave open.the second thing to keep in mind is the kind of toilet paper your using,always use rv grade toilet paper,or u can test the toilet paper your using by taking one square of the paper and put it in a glass of water and if it starts breaking up within an hour its usually ok to use.third things chemical,i recommend staying away from any tank chemical with formaldehyde,you want to use a chemical with non-pathogenic,enzyme-producing+waste liquifing bacteria,like pure power-www.opproducts.com,or rv trine- www.valterra.com the last thing is keep the tank clean,dont store your rv with the tanks full,spend an extra 15 minutes when your dumping your rv and flush the black tank through the toilet.its easy to do and will save your $ in the long run.

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