RV Generator Service

Heres some things you can do to prevent problems with the operation of your RVs Generator. What I see the most is RVs usually end up sitting more than they get used. Obviously this doesn’t apply to you “full timers” out there,but I can almost guarantee if you’ve been staying in an RV Park  your generator is not getting the exercise it needs to maintain reliable service.

one of the easiest things you can do is run your RVs generator every thirty days under a load(acs are the easiest) for at least an hour.this operation is called exercising the generator,this will keep your carb clean/prevent varnishing + keeps your brushes + slip rings clean. this rule pretty much applys to all small engine operation.

I recommend using some kind of fuel stabilizer in your RVs fuel system, I personally Run marine grade fuelstabil,(the blue bottle) in all my equipment.It keeps your fuel supply fresh + lubricated. of coarse you still need to exercise your RV generator every thirty days,but this will definitely save you some $ if you forget a time or two.

theres a couple other things you want to keep in mind when operating your rv generator, a lot of new RV powerplants are equipped with a cover over the generator not only does this make the generator operation quiet it also is needed for air circulation to keep the generator cool.NEVER OPERATE YOUR RV GENERATOR WITHOUT THE ACCESS DOOR IT WILL OVERHEAT!! another thing to keep in mind is NEVER Start Or Stop your generator with a load on it. not only does the stator and rotor need to cool down for a few minutes,doing this will also cause your RVs Auto Transfer Switch to fail prematurely and(or) cause a problem with your RVs invertor if equipped. the last tip I have for you is-your Rvs powerplant does have resettable breakers on it,if your not getting power inside the RV Check The Breakers…

pmr offers full onsite RV generator repair and maintenance,we come directly to your location and repair Your RV Generator in Las Vegas,Nv.

Call (702)994-7999    8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturday for RV Generator service in las vegas,nv.

OR Email Us @ 24/7


RV Furnace Repair

Mobile RV Furnace Repair In Las Vegas,NV.We repair all makes and models of recreational vehicle furnaces,esp Broken Ones. Call (702)994-7999 to make your appointment today. Like Us ON Facebook and save 10.00 on your mobile RV repair In Las Vegas.PMR mobile RV repair

Mobile RV repair+maintenance

Mobile RV repair+maintenance


Mobile RV Repair

Mobile RV repair and maintenance service in las vegas,nv. all makes all models,extended warranty work,insurance est,RV appliances,RV air conditioning,+much more!!20+ years of rv repair experience.SO call (702)994-7999 for rv service at your location….low rates and military discounts.


rv furnace repair in las vegas,nv

Onsite mobile RV repair +maintenance in Las Vegas,NV.We repair all makes and models of RV Furnaces in Las Vegas,Nv.Call (702)994-7999 for RV Furnace Service+repair in Las Vegas.

Heres Some Helpful Tips If Your Trying To Troubleshoot Your Rv Furnace.

The first thing I always check is the airflow to your RV Furnace.Check the exhaust on the outside for any obstructions,bugs like to build nest in here when your RVs in storage,check all the registers on the inside of the rv for any blockage,itll cause the furnace to short cycle,last make sure theres a good supply of return air to the furnace.The second thing I would check would be check the battery voltage,Rv Furnaces use a lot of 12v power and cold weather is when youll notice probs with your battery/and or charging system in your rv.third thing to check is propane supply,RV Furnaces consume a lot of lp gas,so check the level in your tank,also cold weather and altitude effect the operation of your rvs lp regulator the oil on the diaphragm gets thick and effects the pressure.

Hope this helped,if you still cant get It going call(702)994-7999 for rv furnace repair+maintenance in Las Vegas,Nv.


RV Repair las Vegas onsite rv repair+maintenance in las vegas nevada.

Onsite Rv Refrigerator repair:

RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Replacement

RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Replacement

Convenient Onsite Rv Refrigerator Repairs-Cooling Units,Circuit Boards,Heating Elements+more on all makes + models of Rv Refrigerators in las vegas,nv.


12 volt rv led bulbs

led bulbs in your rv are a great way to conserve precious battery power when your dry camping out at the lake or trying to get the most out of your rv solar charging system.they come in  three colors,cool white(blueish in color),warm white(yellow in color)and natural white(white in color).we are currently working on putting together led replacement packages for rvs,we will be including a free battery test as well as a charging system test as part of the deal.


Rv Towing Tip

Trailer Loading:

Proper loading helps prevent sway.Always put heavy items on the floor in front of the axle,always balance the load side to side,and secure it from shifting.Tongue weight should be 10-15% of the gross weight for most trailers.If your tongue weight is to light this could cause sway.Never load your trailer rear heavy.


The additional weight of a trailer affects the handleing,acceleration,and braking of the tow vehicle.Always allow extra time when passing,stopping,and changing lanes.Always  drive slowly on gravel,icy or wet roads.Severe bumps can damage hitch equipment,after driving off road always inspect your trailer and hitch equipment.Repair any damage before continuing on your trip.

Excessive sway:

Excessive sway can lead to loss of control.Sway should settle quickly.Sway tends to increase when going down hills.When testing for sway,start out slowly and increase speed gradually if sway occurs redistribute your load as needed.You may have to repeat this a few times.

Sudden Sway:

Sway can occur from tire blowout,a passing vehicle,wind gusts,downgrades,and trailer loads shifting.Drive must be alert and aware of what is going on around them and must correct any problems accordingly.Below are some do’s and dont’s.


Gradually reduce your speed.

Keep the streering wheel as steady as possible.

If your trailer has electric brakes apply only the trailer brakes,dont use the brakes on the tow vehicle.


Hit the brake pedal hard in the tow vehicle unless absolutely necessary.A jacknife could occur and you wont like that.

Try to steer out of a sway situation,sudden movement could make the sway worse.Not good.

Speed up,acceleration makes sway worse.And you dont want that.

Continue towing a trailer that tends to sway,if you cant correct the sway,you may have other problems,have your trailer running gear inspected and serviced as got lucky once.

Hope this info helps you out,have a great day and keep on camping!!!!!


rv holding tank maintenance tips

the most important rule when your using your rv holding tanks is to never leave the black tank valve open( the 3″ valve)when your connected to the sewer at your campsite.if you leave this valve open all the liquid will run out and leave the solids behind causing a clog.water is a very important part of your black waste tank.the grey tank valve is ok to leave open.the second thing to keep in mind is the kind of toilet paper your using,always use rv grade toilet paper,or u can test the toilet paper your using by taking one square of the paper and put it in a glass of water and if it starts breaking up within an hour its usually ok to use.third things chemical,i recommend staying away from any tank chemical with formaldehyde,you want to use a chemical with non-pathogenic,enzyme-producing+waste liquifing bacteria,like pure,or rv trine- the last thing is keep the tank clean,dont store your rv with the tanks full,spend an extra 15 minutes when your dumping your rv and flush the black tank through the toilet.its easy to do and will save your $ in the long run.


rv furnace repair

mobile repairs on all makes and models of Rv Furnaces.

boards,blower motors,electrodes,sail switches.


rv repair las vegas nv

Mobile recreational vehicle service,maintenance,+repair.We Service, maintain,and repair all makes and models,all years of Rvs,Plumbing,refrigerators,water heaters,furnaces,convertors,invertors,solar panels,axles,bearings,brakes,rubber roofs,120+12 v electrical,water pumps,holding tanks,welding,air conditioners,custom installations,metal roofs,hitches,basically anything on rvs from a to z.Dealer quality repairs at your location,one on one professional service,21+ years practical experience,factory training,rvia/rvda certifications.



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