Battery Maintenance tips

Heres some quick and easy tips that will help your deep cycle rv battery last longer and provide the 12v power you demand.always remember to be careful when servicing your batterys,they are flammable and can explode if the proper precations arent taken.always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling your batterys.now,first things first.remove the leads off the battery from your rv,i use colored electrical tape to mark them,its important you remember where they go.

Getting started,take a good look at the battery,is it dirty,do you see any cracks,is the battery bulging?now as long as you dont see anything wrong with the battery,go to the next item on the checklist.if you do notice any cracks or bulging,replace the battery.if you need to clean the battery use battery cleaner with acid neutrilizer,you can pick it up pretty cheap at your local auto parts store and the instructions how to use it are on the can.

Next thing to check are the battery cells,do they have water in them?top the cells off as needed with distilled water.be careful not to overfill the battery,only fill the cell to the top of the lead plate.this is especially important if your coach is plugged in for long periods of time.

Last thing,are your battery terminals clean and tight on the leads coming from your rv?clean and replace them as needed.loose battery terminals cause all knids of problems including fire and i know you dont want that.after you install the leads on the battery i recommend using battery terminal protector or allittle petrolium jelly,this will keep the terminals clean and prevend corrosion from forming.

Battery storage:remove the battery from your rv,fully charge the battery(12.3-12.6 volts),and store it in a cool dry place.depending on how long your gonna store the battery a trickle charge may be needed.

Hope this information helps you out,and remember enjoy your rv!!!!!!!

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