winterizing your rv

winterizing tips:

Even in the desert its important to winterize your rvs plumbing system.before getting started,do yourself a favor and grab yourself three gallons of rv antifreeze(drinking water safe/NOT AUTOMOTIVE ANTIFREEZE!!!!!),aprox a three foot piece of half inch tubing,and a 90 degree water pump fitting.now,getting started,the first thing you need to do is open one of your faucets doesnt matter which one to remove any pressure that may have accumulated in the system,next open all your faucets,remove the plugs from your low point drains(or open the valves),and remove the drain plug from your water heater.this is also a good time to drain your freshwater tank.now after the water stops flowing reinstall the low point drain plugs,and close all the faucets.now using compressed air @ a regulated 45psi through your city water connection blow out the water heater,when all the water is gone,open a faucet,doesnt matter which one and bypass the water heater.opening one faucet at a time hot then cold remove all the water from the system,dont forget your toilet and your outside shower these are the two most common places where breakage occurs from freezing.now turn the air off.next thing you need to do is find the suction side of your water pump,remove the fitting and install your 90degree fitting and clear hose on the water pump stick the other end of the hose into one of the gallons of antifreeze.(again rv antifreeze,NOT AUTOMOTIVE TYPE ANTIFREEZE!!!!!)make sure all your faucets are closed and turn the pump on and prime the system.now with the pump on open one faucet at a time hot then cold until you have a steady stream of antifreeze through each faucet,dont forget your outside shower and the toilet.finally turn the pump off,reinstall the intake fitting on the pump,dump your holding tanks and your done!!!


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