5 Hot Tips For Buying A Recreational Vehicle

Your dream RV is your home on wheels. You will undoubtedly want it to be as
comfortable and is as good condition as your regular home. Yes? Of course!!

Any home will have a few niggles like a squeaky door, occasional problems
with the air condition or heating and so on. In other words, not perfect but pretty
darn close. It will be the same with your motorhome, your dream RV. There are
some pretty simple things that you can look for when buying your used RV that
can get you close to the ideal (and save money). Here are our 5 hot RV buyers
tips …

Soft Spots

Check the flooring thoroughly for any soft spots. You are most likely to find
these in the kitchen area and bathroom. If there is rotting of the flooring it
probably indicates a long term water leak, as likely as not from the plumbing.
To get the floor fixed and the leaks traced and fixed could be expensive.


Your dream RV will be doing a whole lotta miles – find out all you can about
the engine history. Ask for the maintenance records, repair receipts and so on.
Listen to the engine running with the hood up, see how it sounds, are there any
strange rattles or other noises that should not be there? Did it start easily
from cold. Is the exhaust at all smoky, especially when revved? Is it quiet
inside the cab. Having someone with some engine know-how would be useful if you
don’t have much mechanical experience.

Open and Shut

Open and close everything inside and outside of the recreational vehicle you
are interested in. Poke around and look for signs of water leakage in cupboards,
around the toilet and so on. Do all of the RV doors and cupboard doors open and
close properly (include the water, gas etc flaps as well)? Does everything
switch on and off correctly?

Propane system

You may want to hire a specialist for these checks as they could make the
difference between life and death. Look at the regulator and the propane lines,
do they look in good condition or are they past there best? Is the tank storage
area showing any signs of corrosion?


Check with the RV dealer to find out what parts, if any are under warranty
still and also that the warranty cards are still available.

There are of course many more checks that you could and need to do before
satisfying yourself that this is a good used recreational vehicle to buy. This
is not intended as a comprehensive checklist that will turn you into an expert
buyer of RVs. This is for information only and we cannot accept any liability
for your decision to buy and RV – you make your own mind up. It is up to you to
decide whether the used recreational vehicle is both roadworthy and worth what
you pay for it. The responsibility for buying lies with you and any experts that
you might employ on your behalf.

If you’re planning on purchasing a used RV give me a call. I also provide a specialized service of inspecting RV’s prior to making that big decision. “Know before you buy!”

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