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Mobile Rv Repair + Maintenance In Las Vegas,Nevada.We Provide Convenient Onsite Recreational Vehicle Service,Maintenance+Repair.We Repair All Makes+Models of RVs,Fifth Wheels,Travel Trailers,Pop Ups,Tent Trailers,Van Conversions,Toy Haulers,Truck Campers,Horse Trailers,Boat Trailers+More All At Your Location In Las Vegas,Nevada.

Here’s a list of some of our  services-

• TRAILER UNDERCARRAGE (bearing packs,axle replacments,brakes)

• RV Electrical

• 12v/120v Troubleshooting and Repair

• RV Appliances

• Refrigerators

• Water heaters

• Furnaces

• Roof and Basement Air Conditioners

• Generators

• RV Bodywork

• Plumbing (fresh and wastewater)

• 5th Wheel hitches

• Weight distribution systems

• Towbars and Baseplates


• Extended warranty work  and much much more!


Service Hours:   Monday thru Friday 7:30am-3:30pm + Saturday 8am-12pm

call/text- 24/7-  702-994-7999

 email us @ or

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RV refrigerator repair

Mobile RV refrigerator repair in Las Vegas,NV.All of our repairs are conveniently done at your location, so you can just stay where you are,we come to you to service your RV refrigerator.we’ve got over 23 years of experience diagnosing and repairing all makes and models of RV refrigerators. We also sell parts if you want to diy. (702)994-7999 WE CAN USUALLY OFFER SERVICE WITHIN 24HOURS.

RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Replacement

RV Refrigerator Cooling Unit Replacement


7:30-3:30                             8:00-12:00



RV repair las vegas

With winter right around the corner its time to start thinking about prepping your RV for that first cold snap,first thing you want to check is your battery,cold weather brings out the worst in batterys,and this is when your gonna depend on it to keep everything rolling smooth,second things your propane system do a little load test on your system,run your water heater,range,refer,+furnace…(always make sure the exterior vent for the furnace is clear before lighting it!) all at the same time and make sure the burners on the range stay the way they were when you first lit them,third thing your gonna want to do is walk around the rv and check for any openings that animals can crawl up  through,they’re looking for a warm place for the winter too:) and the final things gonna be the roof,make sure your seams are sealed good and tight,ac is tight,and all your roof vents are in good shape…..and then of coarse drain all the water out + winterize the water system if your gonna store your RV or at least blow it out with compressed air if your gonna use it….hope this helps,if not our numbers below give us a call we will help you out……



For mobile RV repair in las vegas call 702994799 we got the experience,over 23 years to be exact,and usually can get to you within 24 hours.we repair RV appliances,RV awnings,trailer axles and bearings,RV refrigerators,+more…all at your location!

OUR HOURS: MON-FRI 7:30am-3:30pm SAT 8:00am-12:00pm

email us 24/7 @

mobile rv awning service

mobile rv awning service


RV waterheater service

The waterheater on your RV should be drained and flushed @least every six months if your staying in your RV “fulltime”,+annually if your a “weekend warrior”. PMR recommends that you store the water heater on  Your RV dry,in other words drain it before you store it…this will prevent alot of problems,#1 being smell,have you ever stored your rv and then wonder why the water smells like rotten eggs…spoiled water in the water heater usually causes that,#2 it will extend the life of your heating element if you have one,+ will also extend the life of your anode rod if you have a suburban water heater,+#3 will extend  the service life of the tank on your RV water heater no matter what brand you have…..

RV water heater replacement

RV water heater replacement

If you end up needing service on your RV water heater in las vegas,nevada…give  precision maintenance+repair a call monday – friday  7:30-3:30 and saturdays 8:00-12:00 feel free to email us 24/7


Rv Generator service

The easiest thing you can do to maintain the Generator on your RV is simply to just run it every thirty days under load for about an hour,longer is better of course. This keeps your fuel in your carburetor fresh,keeps your brushes and rotor clean,+ its good for the Rv….Keeps your battery charged,etc…also its a good idea to run fuel stabil in your fuel system,this will keep the generators fuel supply octane levels where they should be and prevent fuel from getting stale or varnishing.

varnished anti diesel solenoid

varnished anti diesel solenoid

Above is a classic example of what happens when you dont run the generator on your rv every 30 days,sometimes the solenoid/carb can be cleaned,but as the epa and emissions have become factors,alot of times your stuck replacing the carb,so again JUST RUN IT!

But If you end up needing a repair or service on your RV generator in Las Vegas….Call (702)994-7999 Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:00PM and Saturdays 7:30-12:00PM or you can email us 24/7




rv parts

This is a link to our suppliers retail sight,we dont mind if you order your parts directly,and well still install them for you if you run into problems trying to diy……….simply click this link for rv aparts and accessories….


Trailer Service

Are you in las vegas? Do you have a trailer thats been sitting along the side of your house,or in storage? Or you just passing through on your way to a new and exciting place? no matter what your situation precision maintenance and repair provides quality onsite trailer service in las vegas,nv…we work on all types of trailers,not just rvs,we work on horse trailers,utility trailers,boat trailers,box trailers,etc….we pack bearings,replace axles,troubleshoot + repair electric brake systems,surge brakes,and we also sell and install hitches all conveniently at YOUR  location,backyards,sideyards,in storage yards,and campgrounds of instead of packing up your trailer,fighting las vegas traffic,and then wait all day at your local dealer for a couple hour long repair give us a try,with over 23 years of repair experience you cant really go wrong with us,ask about our monthly repair specials.img_1521

email us 24/7

call us 7am-4pm  monday-friday saturdays 7am-12pm @(702)994-7999



mobile rv repair service

Onsite mobile recreational vehicle service in las vegas,nv. we specialize in performing quality repairs on all makes and models of recreational vehicles,travel trailers,5th wheels,pop up tent campers,hybrids,+more all at the customers location in las vegas,nv.



rv repair service

Nothing worse than going camping have a problem with your RV, then have to break down camp,and find RV service in a town you dont even know…..well that is  where PMR mobile RV repair comes in,just leave your RV plugged in,kick back and give us a call.With over 20 years of RV repair experience,training on a yearly basis,you cant go wrong…we can usually get to most RV problems within 24 hours,some same day…RVREPAIRLASVEGAS (702)994-7999

Some of our RV Services:

TRAILER SERVICE: bearing service,axle repairs,lighting,+more

RV APPLIANCE REPAIR:RV refrigerator repair,water heater service,furnace repair,+air conditioning

RV GENERATOR SERVICE:tune ups,carburetor service,oil changes,no starts/troubleshooting,+custom installs

RV ELECTRICAL SERVICE:no power,transfer switches,convertors/invertors/solar power+more

These  are just some of the RV services we offer in Las Vegas,NV Feel free to CALL*TEXT*OR EMAIL US 24/7 @(702)994-7999 or


Monday-Friday 7:30am-3:30pm

Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm


RV awning repair

mobile rv awning service

mobile rv awning service

We repair all makes and models of RV awnings,window awnings,and slide toppers in las vegas,nv.we are a mobile rv service,so all the repairs are conveniently done at the customers location.we are open Monday-Friday 7:30 am-3:00 pm and Saturday 7:30-12:00am. our customer service #is(702)994-7999 or you can email us 24/7 at our rv patio awning fabric replacements start @ 525.00 installed!! some restrictions do apply.


Trailer Axle Service


mobile trailer axle service

mobile trailer axle service

The two major areas you want to check  when your getting ready to travel in your travel trailer,5th wheel,pop up trailer,utility trailer,or horse trailer to prevent major mechanical problems with your trailers running gear are:#1 trailer loading-this is where I see the most problems,just because you got room doesn’t always necessarily mean that you can safely transport the load,weight is what you want to worry about.evenly distribute your load in front of the axles and evenly 5 pounds extra on one side will cause axles to bend,tire blowouts,excess sway. Always distribute your load evenly.The second thing to inspect is your bearing grease,grease seals,and brakes. most axle manufactures recommend inspecting your trailers brakes/bearings yearly.personally I recommend pulling at least one wheel on each side before each planned trip,and repacking the bearings yearly. spun bearings are easy to prevent and bearing service is a lot cheaper than replacing an axle. allittle preventative maintenance goes along way when it comes to your trailer.

For Trailer axle service in las vegas,nv call 7029947999 we service all types of trailers esp broken ones:)


Doug S. PMR mobile rv repair

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